Xinrui Jia


I’m a fourth-year computer science PhD student at EPFL in the Theory Lab. My advisor is Prof. Ola Svensson. Broadly, I’m interested in approximation algorithms and discrete optimization and I have done some work on clustering. Recently, I finished a six-month internship in applied research at Apple.

I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Waterloo (majors: Combinatorics and Optimization, Pure Mathematics).

Email: firstname.lastname at epfl.ch



1. Towards Non-Uniform k-Center with Constant Types of Radii

Xinrui Jia, Lars Rohwedder, Kshiteej Sheth, Ola Svensson.

2. Nearly-Tight and Oblivious Algorithms for Explainable Clustering

Buddhima Gamlath, Xinrui Jia, Adam Polak, Ola Svensson.

3. Fair Colorful k-Center Clustering

Xinrui Jia, Kshiteej Sheth, and Ola Svensson.